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I am the original napkin man of Hawaii. I sold my first series of Bird of Paradise napkins in 1989 through boutiques and at craft fairs throughout the islands.

My business name “da-napkinman” was given to me by the many locals & visitors who buy my napkins. When they see me they say, “Hey, you’re da napkin man!” So as I expanded my collection of 3D designs &  related products, I wanted to make the name easy remember and find. I am da napkin man at  da-napkinman.com.

How it all started…

I’ve lived in Hawaii for over 18 years and fell in love with these tropical islands. One day while having lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Gaylord’s at Kilohana, I was inspired by the beautiful Bird of Paradise flower next to my table. I asked myself, “Why can’t my napkin resemble that lovely blossom?”

So I began seeing napkins as full 3D color images, and from that grew the many designs you see today.

I want to thank you too, for your support in buying from me direct. The original napkinman of Hawaii.